We’re a Cincinnati-based logistics company that’s passionate about building into our “WHY”: the success of our people. In return, our employees are committed to build into the relationships of our customers and carriers.

OUR VISION: To build genuine relationships and grow together.

OUR MISSION: Inspire a culture that nurtures and respects our                                      customers, carriers, and team members.


Meet our Leadership Team

Company team

Jim Campbell, Owner

DIYer.  "I fell thru the ceiling once."

Company team

Paul Lanham, Owner

"A lot of people don't know I make a mean jambalaya!"

Company team

Joe Campbell, Operations

"I was chased by a beaver... yeah, a beaver"

Company team

Ryan Ziemba, Training & IT

"I am a certified scuba diver and my absolute favorite dive was the Blue Hole dive!"

Company team

Chris Seeds, Sales Manager

"Most likely to name a movie quote."

Company team

Corin Burke, HR

Our Story

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